Proven track record in the UK food industry

Over our years as one of the leading UK food brokers, we’ve had great success with both local and international clients. We’ve worked closely with new and established companies to help prepare them for UK market success.

As a well-known food brokerage firm we pride our reputation on our ability to build long-lasting relationships between retailer and manufacturer and our extensive knowledge of UK consumerism.

Our past portfolio of success including Californian based Blue Diamond Almonds, USA based Shearer’s Riceworks tortillas and product licensing contracts for world renowned British chef, Gordon Ramsay.

APM Foods Case Studies

Blue Diamond


With Blue Diamond’s support programme, the Almond Board of California support for almonds partnered with Apm Foods persistent and enthusiastic approach has built solid foundations for growth.

APM were recommended by a leading multiple retailer, quickly established further rapport with senior buyers across all the trade. Adjusted pack size to meet UK retailers needs, cleared Trading Standards approval and established distribution in 350 Sainsbury stores within months commencing 2009.

Due to range cycle timings clipstrips merchandising was introduced in Tesco, further expansion most Waitrose stores and a more recent move into the main Tesco superstores. Through connections with wholesale trade and generous sampling further expanding into Prestige Stores and Food Halls in the London area and beyond.

Tracking Tesco sales and our competitors sales through regular Dunn Humby data updates with pinpoint accuracy as to where the brand performs best and trade based promotional and support activity elsewhere.

With successful account management secured off shelf display in the larger stores, a first for the snack nut category. (See shots attached)

Elsewhere success through vigorous in–store promotional activity and use of store couponing and coupon at tills, in 2012 the product range has been expanded doubling the size of distribution to all Waitrose stores, 50% increase in line distribution in Tesco and most recently the introduction of 4 lines in the majority of Asda stores. All major British retailers are now stocking Blue Diamond almonds and we are geared for growth.

Key elements in success.

  • Strong rapport with trade buyers and understanding of the category.
  • Strong brand with support to develop the category.
  • Evidence of success in home market
  • Flexible approach in range and pack sizes.
  • Vigorous promotional activity and couponing at till.
  • Resilience and perseverance in approach.


Shearers /Snack Alliance: Riceworks


Whole grain rice tortilla chips from the USA. Riceworks contain over 25%. A completely new item for the snack category, with over 25% whole grain rice, low in fat and high in nutritional benefits Riceworks hit the ground running in Tesco.

Healthier snacking is at the heart of Riceworks from the success in both Canada and the US. Apm Foods retained to research and analyse the opportunity. Researching and identifying the optimum pack size at 150g and the consumer’s propensity to buy and at what price we went to market.

APM took the Snack Alliance Directors to the head of Impulse in one of the major retailers and secured invaluable marketing and logistics advice. Culminating in a few short weeks in the listing of four items through 1,000 stores. Free Standing Display units designed by APM, artwork approved and implemented in –store with phenomenal success through superstores and Tesco local Express stores.

Listing soon followed with Waitrose with a further four lines and additional ‘gondola-end’ isle displays secured to support in–store demonstrations (See attached). This proved highly effective in building the brand, with recognition throughout the industry that Riceworks had gained in –store displays much beyond the brand size. Extraordinary achievement

Sainsbury added a further 400 stores, further sales growth and depth of distribution for Riceworks supported in Sainsbury Magazine. In-store demonstrations and ‘coupon at till’ initiatives gained further sales traction in this important account.

Costco Wholesale with their 22 buildings added further success featuring the larger 454g bag. The benefits of Costco for brands are:

  • Container deliveries from port to one depot.
  • Facility to organise transport out of the States.
  • Taking the pallet configuration from the States.
  • Long lead times from order to delivery.
  • Regular cost effective demonstration activity that really works.

The approach has built the Riceworks brand using an industry beating pallet configuration– now 5 years from introduction in 2012 we are seeing current growth in excess of 42%.


Innovation with Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay saw the potential to exploit licensing of the Gordon Ramsay name; Britain’s famous chef for product licensing and worked with his team of Michelin chef’s to produce a number of sales successes.

Saw the opportunity conceived and developed a range of chocolates under the Gordon Ramsay name, created packaging, pricing policy and organised the contract for the brand. The brand widely distributed throughout the major multiples and worth in excess of £8m at Rsp.

One of the countries leading prestige retailers endorsed cookware taking in cooking demonstration in the top London Food Hall and book signings throughout the group.

Further exploited the brand strength teaming up with Royal Doulton Tableware creating the contract to produce a range of home wares taking in cutlery, crockery and cookware now sold through 8 countries across the world with retail sales approaching £20m.


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For more information on how we helped Blue Diamond Almonds and Shearer’s Riceworks extend their products into the UK market, call us today on +44 (0) 1483 548 447.

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