Outsourcing your sales and branding will save you time and money

Enlisting our sales and brand marketing services can save capital in the long run. Instead of spending crucial finances on consumer research and studying market behaviour, you can rely on our professional understanding of your category.

Companies who are aiming for a large presence throughout the UK require a fast and effective internal sales team. If budgets don’t allow for a sales team, our experts can step in and help you achieve your selling goals.

We understand the importance of timing. Retailers have programme cycles and suppliers must work within these time frames. Our enthusiastic team will market your product to retailers when the time is right to boost your chances of securing the sale.

APM offers bespoke services to food manufacturers including:

  • Category management
  • Account management
  • Analytics and market research
  • Campaign management
  • Online and offline marketing
  • Achieving sales and meeting targets
  • Brand development
  • Package adjustment and redesign

Wholesale connections to make your product a UK success

Over our years as a food broker and FMCG consultancy, we’ve established long lasting links with UK wholesale supplier, Costco. With over 20 stores UK wide, Costco are a great platform to launch your new line onto the market.

Whether you’re an international brand looking to break the UK or you’re a private label manufacturer with a product we should be excited about, we can help you maximise sales and establish your brand in the UK.

For more information about our services as a food broker, call us today on +44 (0) 1483 548 447.

Featured Case Study:

Rice Works

Whole grain rice tortilla chips from the USA. Riceworks contain over 25%. A completely new item for the snack category, with over 25% whole grain rice, low in fat... Read More

Rice Works Product Range

Offering a Bespoke, Recommended Route to Market at Competitive Costs

Product Research

Product Research

A new product proposed for the British retail market must have - retail need, a strong point of difference and not easily replicated in retailer private label. An experienced and professional approach will... Read More

Product Positioning

Positioning and Pricing

The retail price point and margin mix for the retailer is the important starting point. Without either the product will not make it successfully to market. Pricing models need to take account of promotional... Read More

Product Distribution

Distribution and Logistics

Within APM’s capabilities is the distribution logistics, to ensure costs are kept to the absolute minimum deliveries are to one UK holding depot, racking is organised by ‘sell by date’ and logistics forged into... Read More

Account Marketing

Account Level Marketing

This is the prize and APM’s success; our skills in account management are unsurpassed, taking in a thorough understanding of the retail tools available to access your profile consumers... Read More

APM Foods works with some of the UK’s leading retailers, including: